Mixed media on paper, Pastel Paintings: washed ink, acrylic, charcoal and pastels

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Tree, 72 x 110cm. For Sale € 3600,- with frame                     Before the Yellow border line, 72 x 110cm, € 3600,-- with frame
UPCOMING: PARTICIPATION MANIFESTA 12 AT PALERMO. Publication and Art Show event.Opening Exhibition at Friday 12th Okt. till Sunday 14th Okt 2018. At Castrone Palace / Palazzo Castrone di Santa Ninfa / Via Vittorio Emanuele 454. By MUSA International Art Space.
Anima Mundi Art Festival at Venezia 2017                             Detail -Sounds of Nature,The Song 
Going: Dedicated interview by Luca Curci about my work on the website of It's Liquid International Art Platform, Italy
Option: Solo - Exhibition in Venice. Organization and direction together with Its Liquid.

May 2018: Receiving the Award International Prize Raffaello for my artistic merit at Gnudi Palazzo in Bologna,Italy
GOING: An exclusive Publication 'l SEGNALATI' by curators Russo . 

GOING: Publication Circle Quartely Art Review. https://circle-arts.com/circle_quarterly_3 /  PAGE 54 / 55

NEW: Sounds of Nature, The Pink Bells ,120 x 160cm, 2018
In "Sounds of Nature', natural sound is translated on paper into lines that suggets movements, as well as into areas of colour. I believe that the realm of plants produces imperceptible sounds that will override those of the human world, I think they will be ultimately more persistent.

Mixed media: washed ink with pastel and acrylic paint on paper
 I started drawing at an early age. In my teens I followed private classes with a number of different artists. When I was seventeen, I visited Italy for the first time, admiring the work of Renaissance artists like Michelangelo, del Sarto and many others. Compositional form in Renaissance art places the human individual centrally in a landscape, this creates a sense of peace that I like very much and see mirrored in my work. Beside the Japanese wash ink technique with masters like Sesshu Toyo and Hasegawa Tohaku, I have a great affinity with Dutch masters from the Golden Age. And artists in the 18th century  like the Italien famous female Italien pastelpainter Rosalba Carriera and the French artist Quentin de la Tour. I strive for harmony and unity in my work, using the creative freedom that is now available to artists.
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 The Hart, 78 x 115cm., 2017
Being an Artist, 50 x 65cm, 2018