Drawings in the wake of Romanticism

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After Amsterdam Art Rooms:
NEW; auction international, presentation of 14 drawings by Gallery Ludwig Trossaert, Belgium


Sounds of Nature 1,  118 x 155cm, 2016

Washed ink drawings with pastel and acrylic paint on paper
I started drawing at an early age. In my teens I followed private classes with a number of different artists. When I was seventeen, I visited Italy for the first time, admiring the work of Renaissance artists like Michelangelo, del Sarto and many others. Compositional form in Renaissance art places the human individual centrally in a landscape, this creates a sense of peace that I like very much and see mirrored in my work. Beside the Japanese wash ink technique with masters like Sesshu Toyo and Hasegawa Tohaku, I have a great affinity with Dutch masters from the Golden Age, and French artists like the pastelmaster Quentin de la Tour and the painter Gustave Moreau. When I look at their work I see a unity of composition, a harmonic environment enhanced by clothing, hairdressing and attributes. I strive for the same harmony and unity in my own work, using the creative freedom that is now available to artists.


Being an artist, 72 x 110cm, 2015


The yellow border line, 72 x 110cm, 2014


Sounds of Nature, 85 x 110cm,  2016