Curriculum Vitae

Education : Minerva Art Academy, Groningen


1988 / Group exhibition Wim van Krimpen. Amsterdam

1991 / Solo galerie Ronkes Agerbeek. Den Haag

1992 / Group exhibition galerie Ronkes Agerbeek. Den Haag

1995 / Group exhibition Wat de koningin ook mag zien W39. Amsterdam

2001 / Solo Heaven on Earth Art Gallery. Amsterdam

2001 / 2003 /  Group exhibition Heaven on Earth Art Gallery. Amsterdam

2003 / Solo Grael Art Gallery & Studio. Amsterdam

2003 / 2007 Solo, permanent exhibitions at my Studio at Grael Art Gallery

2003 / 2007 / 25 Group exhibitions Grael Art Gallery & Studio

2007 / Solo Museum Geelvinck Amsterdam

2008 / Solo Galerie George - Cent. Amsterdam

2009 / Group exhibition city hall Maastricht

2013 / Open Studio Days Amsterdam Oost

2014 / Open Studio Days Amsterdam Oost

2014 / Group exhibition CBK. Amsterdam

2014 / Group exhibition Weefhuis, Zaanse Schans

2015 / Group exhibition K38. Roden

2016 / Group exhibition Amsterdam Art Rooms

2016 / Solo presentation of new drawings 'Sounds of Nature' at Amsterdam Art Rooms,

2017 / internet presentation, Art Management Gallerique, Chicago

2017 / Group exhibition international, it's Liquid Group, Anima Mundi Art Festival, Venice.

2017 / Group exhibition, it's Liquid Group, Alchemic Body, Jorge Jurado Gallery, Bogotà

2018 /  Group exhibtion, Flower Art Museum, Gallery sous- Terre at Aalsmeer 



1993 / 1998 / Direction of Mural Foundation, Amsterdam. Mission, return of the lost beauty by Art in public buildings and places

2003 / 2007 / Direction of Grael Art Gallery and Studio, Prinsengracht 175 Amsterdam, imaginative figurative art

2014 / Direction of two group exhibition Weefhuis Zaandijk

2015 / Direction of DrawingsK38 Roden, group exhibition

2017 / Directions of workshops for artists, art education, at the Centre of Art, CBK Amsterdam, students of VMBO schools, Amsterdam

Custom orders

1985 / Set design for modern dance performance, "De Oosterpoort" theatre, Groningen

1986 / Amsterdam local TV station, biopic "De gevarieerde lijn" (The Varied Line), NVC Amsterdam, by Adri van Diessen

1993 / Mural, 80 4 m., Insulindeweg at Amsterdam, commission by Zeeburg council

1997 / 2008 / Portraits, private commission

2000 / 2001 / Murals for an entrance hall, private home, Schoorl



2008 / Giant Peek Show, children's Art Trail, Primary school de Koelebösch, Bemelen. Inspired by the Pop - Art movement

2010 / Cooperation project between primary school children and disabled children, OBS St Gerlachus, Houthem and the Adelante institute. Paintings with garbage and plaster on the theme of the environment. Inspired by the Pop – Art movement

2010 / Workshop with adolescents, ROC de Mondriaan the Haque, on the theme of the Human Rights, commission by NJCM at Leiden. Combine Paintings ( inspired by Rauschenberg ) and moving pictures on DVD

2013 / bliksemstage at CBK Amsterdam with group 8 of the Frankendaelschool and the Aldoende, exhibition Ogenschouw

2015 / workshops OBS Aldoende / Amsterdam



2003 / 2007 / Art Alert, Vernissage, Volkskrant, Trouw, NL20, Zone20, Buurtkrant grachtengordel, Stadsblad, Weekly, Kunstbeeld

2006 / Interview by Yvonne Langenberg, art magazine Vernissage

2007 / RTVNH regional TV station, Interview on saving the Nightwatch 3D sculptures at Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam

2008 / Local newspaper the Limburger, Heuvelland region and Maastricht, Limburg.  Article by Rob Cobben ‘The giant peek show, Pop-Art, making art of garbage'

2011 / Inspiration for Human Rights eduction by foundation NJCM Leiden, illustrated with the photo's of the combine paintings made by the students of the ROC the Mondriaan

2015 / 2016 Dwarskrant Amsterdam Oost, culture page, about artists and art history.

2016 /  Interview and opening by Kris van der Hart, 'Sounds of Nature, Amsterdam Art Room'.

2016 / Parool,  artikel about Amsterdam Art Rooms Beauty 2 wtih Jan Fabre, Rob Scholte, Ellen Grael, Sjoerd Buisman, Marc Mulders, Timothy Segers and Hans van der Ham

2018 / Dedicated interview by Luca Curci director of It's Liquid Group, International Platform for artist, Italy