VISIONS - Anima Mundi - Art Festival at Venice

Art works for participation at the Art Festival, Sounds of Nature series.

Exhibition will take place from 14 Sept till 26 Nov. 2017 at Palazzo Ca 'Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132, 30121 Venice, Italy. 
Open daily form 10 am till 6 pm except for the weekends.    

If you are interested for purchase, you can contact the artist or the Art management Gallerique.

Palazzo Ca' Zanardi

Pastel paintings 

Sounds of Nature series
Mixed media: washed ink, acrylic paint and pastel on paper.

Springtime, 115 x 130cm, 2017                                                       The Hollyhock, 100 x 125cm, 2017


The Old Tree, 60 x 90cm, 2015