ELLEN GRAEL, PASTELPAINTINGS, Mixed media on paper. Washed ink, charcoal, pastel and acrylic

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AMSTERDAM. Contact: 0031(0) 6 48 488 289 / Info@ellengrael.nl / LinkedIn, Instagram.   

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ARTBOXPROJECT IN MIAMI with my Sounds of Nature serie, from 2 till 8 December 2019 during Art Basel Art Week in the Art gallery Wynwood. ADDRESS: 2065 NW 2nd Ave, Miami FL 33127
UPCOMING: GALERIE SONIA MONTI IN PARIS, my interview in their Art Magazine CdeL`Art, December issue. Exhibition medio Feb./ March 2020. With my serie' Artists Portraits'.  
UPCOMING: my publication in the January 2020 issue art magazine Creativpaper, UK
PAST: Publication Ebook and printed Edition with a full color page in the World of Art Magazine  
PAST: My Interview and Artist Spotlight, Dutch Artists Art Magazine, Kunstenaars Magazine.Issue 96  
CALL FOR SPONSERING: which benefactor, artcollector or company likes to support my solo.
For having a Solo-show in The Room Art Gallery in Venice by Its Liquid. Have a look at Inspirational Venice. More information about sponsering contact the artist or Its Liquid organisation. https://www.itsliquid.com/theroom
About my work:
I am a Durch artist living and working in Amsterdam. I started drawing at an early age. In my teens I followed private classes with a number of different artists. When I was seventeen, I visited Italy for the first time, admiring the work of the many Renaissance artists. It was of great influence of my career.
The materials I choose are minimal; ink, water, pastels and some acrylic paint. My pastelpaintings are a mix of Eastern and Western tehiniques with a special pictoresque effect. Since my time at Art school, my affinity is with paper because the specific characteristics of paper I cannot translate to other materials such as linen.      
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My story at www.unfairpractice.nl Kunstenbond ( Art Union ) Netherlands.
I have been scammed by the Belgium galerist LUDWIG TROSSAERT / Vision on Art. Under false pretenses he let me sign in November 2016 his contract. Without informing me that he was coming up one month later in december 2016 with a new contract with other conditions. A concept for his upcoming VIRTUAL galerie and with a payment of 1.800 euro for his service. He also didn't inform me in November 2016 about his intention closing his galerie in Antwerp. No exhibition or selling took place of my work as promised. I was stuck in his old concept and became in a strangling situation, no way out. And with bad FINANCIAL results for me because of ONE LINE in his first contract. I have to pay him now 'an ending agreement punischment', a large amount of money. This means: paying 10% of the value of my 12 artworks shown on his website in 2016/ 2017 and with the proces costs he started.This is a weird and extremely wicked agreement, HE IS A FRAUD. 


Sounds of nature
Afbeelding invoegen
The Reed,110 x 130cm. 2018   $ 3.800,--
Sounds of Nature
 Afbeelding invoegen
The blue old Tree, 120 x 160cm, 2018
$ 6.000,--