ENGLISH. Inspirational Venice

PASTELPAINTINGS, mixed media on paper
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Detail: circulation of the Blue, 100 x 125cm
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GREEN ART PROJECT, THE WATERS OF VENICE. About Venice and its environmental issues.
With my artproject I managed to attrack the attention of the Culture Sector of UNESCO based at the World Heritage Centre in Paris. Yaël Thomas quote: 'We acknowledge the quality of your project, which gives special emphasis to environmental issues through art'. And saying that my art project is very interesting !!
Because I have been deeply connected to nature for years this has been reflected in my new serie. During my visits to Venice, the floating sea-weeds, the colors of the Lagoon and the many Islands around the city captured my attention and where inspiring for the serie ‘The waters of Venice’. Its not the ancient city but the influences of nature and the atmosphere of the waters around this city I gave form. At my first visit to Venice, taking a boat trip, I noticed close tot the central station lines on the wall with marks about the danger of the rising waters through the years and what's going to happen without interference. The lines were kept in my subconsious mind. …A second Atlantis..?
These study-trips to Venice weren't visits coming out of the blue. At seventeen I went for the first time for a study-trip to Italy admiring the many Renaissance artists like Michelangelo, Botticelli and more. They where later of great influences in my artistic career. Several years ago I studied the daily life of the inhabitants during the Settecento learning more about the history and artists like Veronese and Tiepolo. Its known that the Netherlands is a country far below sea-level and having over the ages a controlled water-management to protect our landscapes and historical cities. And even in the also touristic Amsterdam the water circulation is controled and the waters in the famous canals are of rather good quality and full of fishing birds.
When I was in Venice in 2018 dispite the blue-green colors, the murky and cloudy waters where opaque, I was wondering if there was still some fish swimming around. The Italian government has 20 years ago commissioned the building of a dam in the lagoon but for many years the constructions are capped. And after years in use Autumn 2019 again when the flud came along, by surprise it worked and failed again this year. But what will it be like when the expectations are towards the end of this century, a rising sea level with one or worse perhaps two meters..?
In the Lagoon and canals of Venice, there are many boats with odor and noise pollution while you try to enjoy your consumption and the view on the quay. Corona restrictions and the lockdowns made some changes in awareness and thinking. But still it seems that all the beauty of this historical city disappears because of nuisance and neglect. Venice with its important ancient and contemporary artists, architecture and history needs renovations if its to remain visible for later generation.
By chance I connected with Venice Art Factory last year, they make a beautiful venue available for having a future solo-show. But partnerships and funding are needed for  having the opportunity with this Green Art Project to invite interested audience, sharing ideas, seeking solutions, enjoying the art show and develop new green art projects.

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The wells of Venice, 100 x 140cm