Pencil drawings

My smaller drawings are made on the basis of initial sketches done while working with live models. These sketches are elaborated and enriched by fantasy. Some of the works keep their empty background and their rapid, sketchy line.
The technique is influenced by my study of the famous Japanese woodcuts from the Ukiyo-E era and the dry point etchings that I made The Japanese woodcuts excel in precise but flowing treatment of line. By contrast, lines in dry point etches have a subtle raggedness because, in the etching process, ink is left behind in the ridge of the etched line on the etching plate. Because of my special interest in these techniques, my drawings feature a variety of hatchings that use both etchy and more flowing line.

I made several study trips to Italy that had a special influence on my work. I was able to make a thorough study of sculptures and paintings from Greek and Roman Antiquity in which the nude is prominently featured.The figures in my work are likewise often in the nude because, as with stage dancing, I wish to show emotion and movement directly and not concealed by too much clothing. The sexual aspect of the nude body is of secondary interest. Elbows, hands, knees, feet, arms, torso and their details are what is most important to me.

Some of the drawings are enhanced by the sensitive poetry of St Juan de la Cruz, the Medieval Spanish mystic and recluse.