The Artist. Sounds of Nature

PASTELPAINTINGS, mixed media on paper 
As an artist I am sensitive to the forces of nature and trying to capture her influences, powers and vibrations showing in my pastel drawings. In this series I used my pencil sketches of models as an inspirational scource.
Not the landscape that I have depicted more abstractly, but the naked, delicate and vulnerable female figure I gave more details and trying catching the atmosphere more precise. In a visionary state she present a natural symphony with the movements of lines, tree and plant like forms, posture and areas of color.
In a hidden horizontal and vertical composition suggesting an interplay with inaudible sounds and in an always growing flow up- and downwards. Perhaps nature produces imperceptible sounds and be ultimately more persistent than humanity.
Afbeelding invoegen
The artist and the Sounds of Nature, 100 x 140cm, 2019.2020