PASTELPAINTINGS, mixed media on paper
Method, washed ink with charcoal and pastel on paper
I have a great affinity with nature and my inspiration is close to home: the beautiful dunescapes that border the Dutch coastline, the natural flowers by the wayside, along canals and public parks. I make snapshots and sketches using those to create a personal impression of this natural beauty and not a realistic image. For example, I like the photographic, interesting, abstract effects of the wind when it moves branches and stalks.

My Pastelpaintings are a mix of Eastern and Western techniques that yield picturesque effects.This technique features great density of color because it uses pure pigments. In summary, the means I choose are minimal: ink, water, chalk. The combination of this technique and the prepared background results in strong-bodied, colorful pastels with a picturesque effect.

Since my time at art school, my affinity is with paper – the specific characteristics of paper I cannot translate directly to other materials such as linen. 

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