Being an Artist


About 'Being an Artist' series
Renaissance art featured a simple but highly effective composional form: a central human figure in the foreground was placed against a natural landscape in the background. My aim is to use this form to explore different aspects of being an artist: my profession and the profession.For ‘Being an Artist’, I asked a fellow artist to be my model. On the basis of photos, I shaped facial and bodily expressions. I am reluctant to use myself as a model: using someone else creates a distance which allows me to explore the subject in more depth. The drawings mirror my own experience regardless of whether the depicted figure is a man or a woman. 

The human feelings that are the subject of my work are universal: loneliness, concentration, depth, perseverance. Every artist who goes through a creative process is familiar with them.I depict the artist as an explorer eager to discover unknown territories and traverse the oceans. In the creative artistic mind destinations are dark, captivating and new. The road that leads to them, from creative design to the end product, is strewn with difficulties. 

An artist is an explorer but also an alchemist and an inventor. I imagine the artist navigating a sailboat; after a long journey, an unknown island comes into view; being a sailor alights with mixed expectations, wondering what welcome has been reserved…