Pastel drawings

As a treat, I give myself a Rose
The lyrical expression 'As a treat, I give myself a rose' is about following your heart and thinking positively. Occasionally I use this beautiful philosophy in my work. Roses appear to people's imagination: they have a complex structure and their petals are inserted in a way that suggests depth; some people say their ground plan is a pentagram. Something said or written sub rosa is to be treated as a secret. The name given to new species often has a personal touch: it is the name of a beloved one, or it conveys a romantic mood: Joyfulness, Golden Melody, Incense, a Smooth Prince. One strategy I use to achieve a meaningful result is to associate the subject's individual expression or bodily attitude with the name of a rose.
Eighteenth-century nobility in European courts liked to be portrayed in pastels. I am inspired by old French pastelmasters such as J.E. Liotard, Quentin de La Tour. In my work, Renaissance aesthetics and its classical ideal of beauty revive in a contemporary setting. Specially the coiffure at the period of Lodewijk XIV and XV.
In my drawings human subjects are drawn from life. Each piece retains something of the model, a trait of character, a body line or attitude.