PASTELPAINTINGS, The Sounds of Nature and the waters of Venice, mixed media on paper
During my first visit to Venice and second this year, the floating sea-weeds, the colors of the Lagoon and the many Islands around the city captured my attention and where inspiring for this new series. Its not the ancient city but the influences of nature and the atmosphere of the waters around this city I gave form.
These study-trips to Venice weren't visits coming out of the blue. Several years ago I studied through art history-books the daily life of the inhabitants during the Settecento. Learning more about the history and the many famous artists like Veronese and Tiepolo. This waters of Venice is In infact about a love story.
Call for Sponsering: I am invited by Its liquid for having a solo - show in Venice in THE ROOM. More details about their service and benefits have a look at:

https://www.itsliquid.com/theroom THE ROOM Art Gallery at Call Larga San Marco 374. 

Contact: info@ellengrael.nl or Its Liquid organisation, director Luca Curci. 

4 images with sizes: 70 x 100cm 

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FRAMES: Interchangeable frames of white washed wood
HAVE A LOOK  AT PHOTOGALLERY/ The waters of Venice.

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Grey sea-weeds, The waters of Venice, 70 x 100cm, 2018  

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The colors of the Lagoon and the waters of Venice, 100 x 140cm, 2019  $ 4.000,-- but without frame and sending costs.

The waters of Venice, The signals.100 x 125cm, 2018  $ 3.900,--  but without frame and sending costs,

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The waters of Venice, Yellow sea-weeds, 70 x 100cm, 2018 

The Radiant waters of Venice, 100 x 140cm, 2018  $ 4.000,-- without frame and sendingcosts.