Inspirational Venice

During my first visit and second this year to Venice the floating sea-weeds, the colours of the Lagoon and the many Islands around the city took my attention and where inspiring for this new series.
These study-trips to Venice werenn't a visits coming out of the blue. Several years ago I studied through art history-books the daily life of the inhabitants during the Settecento.The wealthy, but declining,18th century... till Napoleon took the city over in 1797. Learning history about the many rich elite and their Palazzi and the many famous artists like Veronese and Tiepolo. About their rituals, Doges, clothing and celebrations like carnaval.

UPCOMING:  planning for a  SOLO- show  in Venice in THE ROOM during the 58th BIENNALE OF VENICE 2019. Showing my new series ' The Waters of Venice'. THE ROOM at Call Larga San Marco 374.

An special event in cooperation with ItsLiquid ( Italy )  

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Looking forward for a creative cooperation!!

                   Afbeelding invoegen
Afbeelding invoegen                  Afbeelding invoegen
Prices of the sea-weeds series: with interchangeables with washed wooden frames but without sending costs.


Afbeelding invoegen

The waters of Venice, seaweeds and the Pink flowers, 70 x 100cm, 2019  € 1800,-- with frame   

Afbeelding invoegen

The colors of the Lagoon and the waters of Venice, 100 x 140cm, 2019  € 4.500,--  

Afbeelding invoegen

The waters of Venice, Grey sea-weeds, 70 x 100cm, 2018  € 1800,-- with frame

The waters of Venice, The signals.100 x 125cm, 2018     

$ 6.100,-

Afbeelding invoegen

The waters of Venice, Red sea-weeds,70 x 100cm. 2018 € 1800,-- with frame

Afbeelding invoegen

The waters of Venice. The circulation of the Blue, 100 x 130cm, 2018  € 5400,-- without frame,

$ 6.100

Afbeelding invoegen

The waters of Venice, Yellow sea-weeds, 70 x 100cm, 2018  € 1800,-- with frame

Afbeelding invoegen

The waters of Venice, Blue sea-weeds, 70 x 100cm, 2018 € 1800,-- with frame

The Radiant waters of Venice, 100 x 140cm, 2018  € 5600,-- without frame

$ 6.400

Afbeelding invoegen

Waters of Venice, The Pink dive, 100 x 140cm, 2018   

$ 6.100,--

Afbeelding invoegen

The seed sea-weeds, 100 x 70cm, 2019

€ 1800,-- with frame