Washed ink with pastel on paper

Mixed media on paper: Ink wash drawings with acrylic and pastel 

In the same way as artists in the wake of Romanticism, I have a great affinity with nature. The inspiration for my landscapes is close to home: the beautiful dunescapes that border the Dutch coastline and the many natural flowers in my neighbourhood, by the wayside, along canals, in gardens and in public parks.

 I make snapshots and use those to create a personal impression of this natural beauty, not a realistic image. For example, I like the photographic, interesting, abstract effects of the wind when it moves branches and stalks.

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Tree, 76 x 113cm, With frame. $ 3000,-- Selling through Saatchi Art.com
Before the yellow border line, 76 x 113cm
With frame.  $ 3000,--Selling through Saatchi Art.com

Tic, tac ,toe, 76 x 113cm, $ 2700,-- With frame Selling through Saatchi Art.com
Afbeelding invoegen
The Black Tulip, 76 x 113cm $ 2700,-- With frame. Selling through Saatchi Art.com

Blue rain, 72 x 110cm, With frame. EURO € 2630,--