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The Deep Nr 2, 130 x 115cm, 51"x 45"inches

Prijs: € 6100.00

Artikelnummer: 59
Levertijd: Without frame and sending costs
Artikelgroep: Green Art Project

Sale via LagunaArt Gallery, California, nearby Los Angeles:  

sThe name PASTELPAINTING is invented in the 18e century while famous artists made portraits with pastels on paper of the elite alike paintings 

In my childhood I made walks with my family into the nearby woods and later when I went to Amsterdam long walks along the sea shore and the dunes. I partly owed this interest in nature to my education and through the years my love for nature grew and I recorded it on paper.

I make many snapshots and sketches of plants and flowers using those to create a personal impression of the natural beauty and not a realistic image. For example, I like the photographic, interesting, abstract effects of the wind when it moves branches and stalks or water circulations movements. 

My artistic career is influenced by many famous Italian, French and Japanese art masters. From my artistry point of view I think I’m sensitive to vibrations and influences to nature, trying to capture her influences. Having concerns about environmental issues and the position of artist in art society showing this in an imaginative atmospheric way. Dealing with several topics for instance ‘The Sounds of Nature’ and Green Art Project 

Before the start of my method the paper is streched and showiing nearly no wrinkles, even 16th century drawings of  Leonardo da Vinci are still abmirable

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